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Elie has been a senior sales executive since 1997. He has had the honour of being awarded 2ME’s highest achiever award several times and is a highly motivated individual with an affinity for sales.
Elie’s focus is people, and interpersonal communication between himself. His clients are paramount. His foundation is honesty and an ability to achieve the client’s needs, making him the first and only choice in the Arabic community.
Elie’s strong sense of integrity makes him this organisations greatest asset. He has been quoted as saying “extraordinary results is my motto”, with the prime interest to generate business for his clients. His professional attitude makes him a success in each endeavor that he participates in. Elie’s personal interests include MC for all occasions, script and poetry.
He obtained an aircraft mechanical engineering diploma in 1986, and in 1991 completed his degree in computer data processing concepts. Elie is also a certified Justice of the Peace.
Sharing insight, together with his clients, he aspires towards mutual satisfaction.


Miray has worked in Lebanon and in the Middle East on radio; she has also worked as an MC for many famous superstars touring Australia and also in Lebanon including Najwa Karam. Miray has a degree in Arabic Literature. She is also a qualified makeup artist and beautician. Her hobbies involve things which demonstrate her artistic side. Miray has only recently migrated to Australia and is now fulfilling her passion to continue her broadcasting career in Australia.
Favorite male singer: Wadih El Safi
Favorite female singer: Sabah
Favorite films: old Arabic films
Star sign: Cancer
Hobby: travelling
Favorite food: seafood



Magdy has been involved with 2ME since its very beginnings and works in Sales specialising in servicing and obtaining client results.
Prior to joining 2ME Magdy worked in accounting.
He has a strong sense of community involvement and is constantly active with social and community events which involves the Arabic and in particular Sudanese community.



Micheline has been a Senior Sales Executive at 2ME since the early years of the station. She has been awarded the 2ME Highest Achiever Award.
Micheline offers exceptional service to her clients is achieving outstanding results and has a creative niche which attracts a great deal of additional benefit to her client campaigns. Michellene, like her colleagues conducts “live crosses” on air with her clients to enhance their success on Wednesday night - “Arabic nights” at the Croatian Club (Punchbowl, Sydney), also a testimonial to her achievements.
Prior to joining 2ME, Micheline obtained a University degree in Psychology and worked as a primary school teacher in Lebanon.
She has a strong passion for contemporary Arabic music.



Hany has been Senior Sales executive at 2ME for 10 years. Prior to joining 2ME, he worked in Egypt as an MC while completing his Bachelor of Commerce degree.
Hany has a strong passion for promoting live concerts of visiting overseas singers and keeps a strong relationship with promoters to ensure the visiting artist achieves the  most effective promotion.



Claude has been employed by 2ME for a number of years now and hosts the breakfast program and the ever-popular Top 30 Countdown. Previously she worked for 3 years in the Media industry in Lebanon as was also a sports teacher. Claude has a degree in both Arabic Literature and Media. She has also worked and lived in Middle Eastern countries including Saudi Arabia.
Claude has a strong passion for contemporary music and this is reflected in her commitment to her presentation of the highly syndicated 2ME Top 30 Countdown.

3 Favorite singers: Wael Kfouri, Najwa Karam and Elissa
3 Favorite Old singers: Fairouz, Melhem Barakat and Warda
1 thing that always bugs Claude:  “disorganization”
Favorite charity: the Red Cross
Star Sign: Gemini
Favorite food: Seafood
Favorite country other than Lebanon: Greece
Favorite English singer: Enrique Iglesias
Favorite English Actor: Richard Gere
Favorite Arabic Actor: Farid Shawki
Favorite Movie: My Sisters Keeper

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